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graphic design jobs colorado springs For instance, a client wants you to bid on a logo, letterhead, envelope and business card design package. This could take you anywhere from 6 to 16 hours depending on the client and complexity of the job. So, you estimate the job at 16 hours and a rate of, we'll say $65 an hour, which equals $1,040. Hourly rates and design fees are going to vary from state to state and location to location, but here's what your client proposal may look like; Example: Company Logo / Identity: $800 $1,200 Work Flow: • Will provide at least 2 3 initial directions for your logo and letterhead system and work chosen direction to your satisfaction. • Will proceed with development after verbal or written approval on directions. • Concepts will be presented via email and / or other specified method.

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An online graphic design degree includes coursework that combines technical skills and creativity. Before enrolling in an online graphic design program, students should make sure that their schools are accredited. In addition to institutional accreditation, students should look for programs that are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design NASAD. The graphic design coursework includes training in basic artistic skills, followed by training in the design practices for creating pleasing arrays of graphics and text. Beginning courses include art history, drawing, illustration, and painting, which help students develop the basic artistic ability they will use for later design work. Design courses discuss such topics as typography, advertising design, 3 D design, and web design. Many programs require a thesis or portfolio development project during the student’s senior year; this large, integrated project can be used to apply for internships and jobs after graduation. The coursework in the online graphic design master’s degree focuses on advanced, specialized, and current issues in graphic design. Students typically participate in several graduate level seminars discussing issues such as sustainability in design, packaging design, and typography. The seminars are accompanied by design studio classes, where students create pieces of design based on their own visions and the topics of their courses. The backbone of the degree is the thesis project, where students typically spend a year or more crafting and developing a design project that draws on their graduate courses and their own innovative vision.

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Other ConsiderationsBeyond the general hierarchy of design jobs and the specific areas of focus, there are a couple of more topics of which to take note. Places to WorkOne major concern is where you work, which has a huge impact on the definition of the titles above. As I mentioned, smaller companies tend to have fewer people perform more varied tasks while larger companies focus employees toward narrower tasks. In fact, it’s not really the size of the company that counts but the size of the design or creative department. Some employers are dedicated design firms and therefore tend to pay closer attention to these definitions and roles. Others are companies that have nothing to do with design but have an in house design team that can range dramatically in size. For instance, in Phoenix where I live, Fender Guitars employs quite a few graphic designers. There’s also the self employed/freelancer route where you have the freedom to decide what type of designer you are and can even change that distinction from day to day. Want to try focusing on logos for a year?Go for it!Want to bill yourself as a UX expert?No one is stopping you. Freelancing isn’t for everyone but countless designers swear they would never do it any other way. How Much Will You Make?The all important question!Don’t feel bad if money is a primary concern for how you pick a job.