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graphic design portfolio layout templates Learn more about Craft Art CareersDesktop Publishers People in this role design the layout for various types of print and electronic media using specialized computer programs. These may include newspapers, magazines, brochures, and client websites. Drafters Drafters work closely with architects and engineers to convert their paper and pencil designs to technical drawings. Individuals in this occupation can choose to offer their services to all industries or specialize in mechanical, engineering, civil, or architectural drafting work. Industrial Designers Industrial designers work in teams to create initial design concepts for everyday products like automobiles and household goods. They need to have an artistic nature as well as strong business and engineering skills to create safe and useful products. Some of the factors that industrial designers take into consideration when developing and designing a new product include appearance, function, usefulness, and cost of production. Learn more about Industrial Design CareersMultimedia Designers People employed in this industry produce visual effects and computer animation for movies, television shows, and video games. Animation brings cartoon characters to life while special visual effects enhance the viewer or user’s experience by making it seem more realistic to them. Learn more about Multimedia Design CareersWeb Developers Website developers plan and create images to place on a website in addition to planning for the placement of text. Clients also rely on web developers to ensure the ongoing performance of their website once it has gone live.

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One lesser known techniques around the sitemap index revolve around creating sections of your static content pages as part of your sitemap index. Examples of this could include:product pagesreview pagescategory pagesSuccess can come from creating asitemap from even your static content in order to improve the crawl effeciency and the number of indexed pages on your site. I think I may have posted some articles submission sites in my ultimate toolguide a little bit ago, but just as the internet and my skills evolve, so does my toolbox. I went through and collected lists of article submit websites and have narrowed my list down the the easiest, fastest and most effective article submission sites I found. There are a ton of these type of stie around, but this list is good enough to get started. travel notes. com travelarticlelibrary travelinghippo ezinearticles geckoe. com isnare. com e articles. net articlesubmissions. net articlebase.

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