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 In the theaters, art directors also prepare various plays for production. They do have to arrange all the details coming on the stage as per settings and to all other stage effects. Art directors then consult with set designers, various props artists, their costume designers, dance choreographers and stagehand managers in the number of weeks before the production stage comes to in order to make sure that everyone is working and proceeding towards the play director's vision and proper interpretation of the play. During the rehearsals, art managing directors work very closely with people behind the screen labors to ensure a proper output. Every little or small detail is to be of a large detail in the art director's eyes and point of view. An art director is someone who traditionally undertakes the direction of the production designer, and surrounds all the altering of the setting and missing settings of the scene.

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Inspire your clients by prompting them to think of why they need you for something specific that you offer. If they see something specific, then there is a greater likelihood that something might occur to them as a trigger point. By doing so, you are creating a niche in the mind of your client that separates you from other choices and gives them the belief that they are best served only through your brand. In other words, you are defining your corporate identity. Vehicle wraps do even more because they are mobile. They serve as one big mobile billboard. You can wrap your car, truck, van, bus or trailer. As a matter of fact, people have even wrapped their motorbikes and snowmobiles. When wrapping a vehicle for the purpose of brand identity, use specific text and clearly tell your market what you do in terms of products or services that you provide. Do not be generic and be specific!Especially for things that you specialize in that separate you from most others. For example, if you have a vehicle repair shop, then say more than simply “Car Repairs”.

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His camera work can be regularly seen in T. V. commercials and music videos. His photography has been featured in shows across L. A. With such a variety of skills, he realized he had two good options: start a one man circus or become an art director. He decided to focus on his ad portfolio and enrolled in the Book Shop. There, he won a One Show award with future Zack Savage teammate Nik Frank Lehrer. Tommy’s specialized set of skills bring a unique perspective and insight to any project he undertakes. Nik, copywriter, has been writing in one form or another since he was a teenager. After developing his craft at the Interlochen Center for the Arts, he studied prose and screenwriting at the University of Michigan.